Hi, I'm Jodie.

If you're looking to create a beautiful wedding or event with a focus on being kinder to the planet then you've come to the right place.

Wild Meadow Weddings was born in 2018 following a short spell in the traditional wedding world of chair covers and sashes - a world in which I always felt like the odd one out.  


I was looking out over the meadow at the back of our house one morning (probably in despair at the nettle invasion our side of the fence) and something clicked. I realised that I'd been taking the view for granted, not appreciating what I had in front of me and being determined to make a change for the better. I started making small changes - reducing the amount of single-use plastic, looking at alternatives to the chemicals in cleaning and beauty products and how to offset my mileage. 

A combination of Instagram scrolling and a nettle invasion of the garden led me to experiment with natural, botanical dyes. My partner's slightly unhealthy obsession with car boot sales and my magpie-like tendencies for all things shiny started a collection of vintage bottles and candlesticks.